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Game concept

City Runner is open-world racing game. Play with your friends to race from one location to another in Carrera City, using any means possible!

At the start of a game all players spawn together at one of many possible locations throughout the city. Then a beacon turns on at another of many possible locations in the city. All players then have to race to be the first to get to the beacon first, using whichever route they think will get them there fastest.

All players will spawn with helpful items at the start, and along the way they will be able to pick up other items to help them, such as ender pearls, potions, elytra etc.

The winner is the first player to get to the beacon and jump into the light!

Then you can race again with completely new start and finishing locations.

Beta release

The main mechanics are in, but the map is still being built and more features may come.

You can also follow the progress in the making of this map on Trello:

Build Progress Album

City Runner: Build Progress