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Gnasp has gone AFK

17 October 2016

Where has Gnasp been? What’s happening with Smelt? THE ANSWER MAY SUPPRISE YOU!

But it probably won’t!

The boring truth

Basically I was very very busy for a period of time in September, and then just when things where slowing down; my laptop (which I use for everything) broke! Like blue-screen after blue-screen after blue-screen broke!

I’ve been working on fixing it for the last few weeks (in between life and other important stuff) and now I’ve got something that’s functioning enough for programming.

But it appears that the high-performance GPU (built into the laptop, not changable) is kaput. So sadly, that means no significant gaming for me until I get something new.

What now?

Well until I save up money for a new gaming machine, I won’t be doing any development on maps or playing much Minecraft. But I can run MC, just about fast enough, to test Smelt.

So I will now be continuing my Smelt development. I have had to reinstall my entire development environment again, and now I’m ready to go!

Time to get Smelting!