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Working towards Smelt v1.0.0

28 July 2016

I’ve been gradually working on Smelt. I’m aiming towards a version 1.0.0 release (it’s currently 0.7.4 beta). Here’s what I want to include in version 1.0.0.

With Smelt getting more attention, and folks like Moesh promoting its use; version 1.0.0 is needed as soon as I can make it.

First major release

Version 1.0.0 will be the first major release, and so it needs to be stable. So the overall goal will be - not to add too many new features but - to work on stability. Those little bugs that need to be fixed.

So please, if you know of any bugs or you see something that doesn’t seem quite right (even just a typo), then please report that here on Github issues.

Github milestone number 1

One neat feature on Github is “Milestones”. It allows you to create a goal to work towards. Version 1.0.0 is my 1st milestone and you can see the list that I have listed for inclusion in this release.

Let’s consider some of them:

Setup cache

Smelt allows plugin makers the option to include a “setup module” for users to install in their world when using the plugin. It needs a better name, support module maybe?

When a user includes a !bang command in their MCC file, if that command requires a setup module to work, Smelt will prompt the user to install it in their world.

The problem is that it does this every time you compile the file! While I’ve been dog-fooding this (while working on Gravitate) I’ve been finding it incredibly annoying.

This enhancement will hopefully improve that!

Plugins access to contextual data

The plugins feature isn’t very mature (as you would expect, it’s not often that software ships with a plugins feature right from day one). Saying that, I think it needs this improvement to be more forward compatible, and to allow for more powerful plugin commands to be written.

Crossing new lines and changing direction

Two other issues that have become noticeable by myself or from others using Smelt use that it doesn’t play well with conditional command blocks while changing direction, or when you want to spread you code across multiple lines.

Anything else?

Is there anything else that you think must be included in this release? If so, please open an issue on Github and let me know, or leave a comment below.

You can jump into the #smelt discord channel if you want, and share your thoughts there!

Next version

I have already been thinking about what needs to be in the next version after 1.0.0. You can see on Github that I have a milestone for version 1.1.0 and another for whatever comes after that.