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Gravitate Playtesting

12 July 2016

Another map I’ve been working on occasionally is “Gravitate”.

It’s a PVP Arena map. There’s just one arena at the moment, but I could add more later. What’s different about the game is that all of the play is meant to be in a simulated low-gravity environment.

The players fall at a slower than normal speed, and they can use vents around the arena to lift them back up into the air.

In fact, they can’t touch the floor at all! It’s lava! And even the solid ground is so hot that it would instantly kill them. So the whole game happens in mid-air.


I’m currently looking for folks to playtest this. The map isn’t downloadable yet, I’m hosting it on a Realm.

If you’d like to join the playtest, please send me your IGN for an invite.

You can post in the comments below, or send to me on twitter @GnaspGames.


Here’s an Imgur album of screenshots I took a while ago:

Gravitate - WIP - Multiplayer PVP Arena