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10 July 2015

I created a new Skype/Discord group called “Build.Map”.

What is it?

The purpose of the group is to encourage new building collaborations, especially 1-off build teams.

Have you ever started a new map, and what you could really do with is a bit of extra minecrafter-power, to build a landscape, buildings, and so on?

Well, then, this is what I thought Build.Map could be used for! When you need that extra help, ask the group for volunteers.

We all love new projects, but sometimes it’s hard to get the build off the ground. This might help.

Of course, each person will be responsible for hosting their own server/realm, and giving access to the volunteers they would like. Who you grant access to is purely up to your own discretion.

How do I join?

Interested? ASk @GnaspGames’ on twitter for the Skype/Discord link.